uPVC Windows, Aluminium Windows or Timber Windows? What is better?

Any kind of successful home remediation or improvement will certainly ensure that your home windows are energy reliable as well as look in keeping with your residence’s style as well as design. Windows are known weak-points when it pertains to losing home heating and energy from within your residential property.

You can paint uPVC windows in a variety of colours to freshen exactly how your house looks. Nevertheless, home windows can be made from numerous sorts of material, each with their own benefits and downsides.

Usually either uPVC, aluminium or timber is made use of to make your home window structure. Which product you choose for your home windows will certainly depend upon numerous points such as your very own personal preference in addition to the structure that the windows will certainly be set up in. Below see the benefits and also shortcomings of each material.


UPVC is an inexpensive plastic, typically costing less than wood as well as aluminium, that is used to create white home window frames. uPVC windows call for little upkeep besides a clean once in a while and they have superb insulation residential properties, preserving warmth in your house yet shutting out exterior noises.

UPVC vs aluminium windows or hardwood home windows are the perfect material if you call for smartly priced yet reliable insulation in your house. uPVC windows have a contemporary style, which matches modern-day structures yet this additionally suggests that with any type of older residential properties that you want to upgrade or revitalize you ought to go with uPVC.


While Timber windows offer a cosmetically pleasing appearance to a house or industrial home, they cost substantially greater than uPVC home windows, which can be resprayed in an Oak color, amongst others, if it is a typical timber appearance that you want for your windows.

Hardwood home windows likewise need additional upkeep contrasted to uPVC such as wax coverings to stop water damage as well as general maintenance to keep their traditional style. If wood windows are not properly and also on a regular basis maintained they can fall target of a variety of things such as timber rot, insect problems like termites as well as they are likewise prone to damage from the weather which can cause your window to become draughty or to rattle.


If you seek a solid framework yet one which still permits for an optimum sized glass surface area then aluminium is the suitable material for your windows. Nonetheless, aluminium home windows’ biggest weakness is its ability as an insulator. It loses heat a great deal quicker than uPVC windows so if you are seeking to raise the power efficiency of your house then you must select another thing besides aluminium.

You might additionally suffer condensation issues with aluminium home windows, due to aluminium’s high thermal conductivity. This can then bring about problems with wetness caused by the increased amount of dampness around your window frameworks.

uPVC Painting

The material you make use of for your window will eventually be down to you as well as your sights on which you assume will fit ideal with the building you are including the frames to. However, thanks to the assortment of colours available for respraying uPVC windows, you are certain that we will have a paint to match any residential property design be it a period building or modern-day, new-build. Many thanks to their insulation advantages as well as noise reduction buildings also the above mentioned colour options when contrasting uPVC vs Aluminium Windows or uPVC vs wooden windows there is just one champion.

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